1. tildaswintonwearsasuit:

    Tilda Swinton - Hobo Magazine - Spring/Summer 2014 - Photos by Juergen Teller

  4. La dama del Abanico

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  7. guardian:

    Russian suburbs are organised in mundane repetition. There is a school, a couple of small shops, driveways with huge holes, hopelessly thin young trees and an elderly grey-haired lady concierge. How Russia’s suburbs became creative hotspots »

    Photograph: Holodno

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  8. regardintemporel:

    Michaël Borremans - The Angel, Oil on canvas, 2013 

    Courtesy Zeno X Gallery Antwerp © Photographer Dirk Pauwels

  9. linascheyniusdiary:

    Montauk Autumn 2011

  10. notes-to-ex-lovers:

    Notes To Ex-Lovers, 253.